Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns – How to do it the Right Way

direct mail marketing campaigns

Direct mail marketing campaigns

Direct mail marketing involves posting messages in form of newsletters, postcards, coupons and catalogs to send information about your services and products to prospective customers. They usually target interested customers hence stimulates them to take action on their interests. It gives them your business identity and a way of contacting you. This strategy is a valuable way to link with potential customers and clients in a meaningful way. Besides, it builds a strong connection with the consumers as they are provided with a clear message. Therefore, they can have their feedback about the brand as they can contact them any time hence knowing more about the brand.
Furthermore, with the growth of digital communication, there is an increase in advertising and marketing thus high competition. Direct mail is highly drawing the attention of the prospects and clients as they deal with clearly received messages.

Benefits of using direct mail marketing

Targets reliable customers
Direct mail aims at channeling information to the right audience. Therefore, it focuses on identifying customers who are in for the products and services. With this, you can come up with a customer’s list from their address database. The customer address databases usually consist of customer’s location, income, buying habits and age. Familiar with such customer’s data, it is easier to market your products as you will have an understanding of their interests and how they receive the products.

Keeps communication with existing customers
Staying in touch with your customers is always essential as it brings out room for customer loyalty, long-term relationships and repeats customers. Keeping contact with your customers is a way to go as you will be inquiring about their responses and unresponsiveness. Moreover, you can be sending them uplifting messages and useful tips in case of pandemics, especially when you do not have a product to sell. They will appreciate your concerns. With this, it is easy to let them know when you are either promoting a new product or have special offers. Besides, you can improve your services and address them better to win those who have not been responsive.

Builds you a unique and strong brand image
If you are building your brand awareness, consistent efforts are recommended. Your marketing efforts will establish a powerful connection between you and your customers. This will build customer’s trust and loyalty to your brand. Always send out relevant and precise information on your special offers and current events. With new updates of information from your direct mail, your customers will familiarize themselves with your brand. Keep updating them even if shops are closed you can be sending them useful tips to ensure they are aware of the brand’s existence.

Saves your budget
Direct mail benefits you a lot especially when you want to save your budget. You can send offers or newsletters to your customer’s list and get their response first then make your decision on how you will market your products. Moreover, you can use direct mail campaigns as a test to see is the best method to market your products before proceeding to another level. As you are aiming for what will work best, you can either collect data and analyze them or try to send out different direct mail versions to achieve some of your goals.

They are fast and easy to execute
Having your targeted clients ready, you can send out your messages anytime without wasting much time trying to send them to everyone. You can repeatedly mail the same customer’s list and still achieve a valuable result. Besides, you just have to establish precise and relevant content and consistently send them out to your target clients.

What materials to use for your direct mail?

Direct mailing is the best form of marketing for small businesses due to its reasonable cost and targetability. It is flexible as you can include all your information and still convey and convince your customers about the quality of your products and services. Direct mail package includes:
•Newsletters. Using a business newsletter to market your products is one valuable way to convey your brand information and staying in touch with your clients. It enables you to deliver different and complex information and still sell your products as long as you keep interesting the customers.
•Postcards come with various advantages including a folded self-mailer making them unique. Besides, you can send several postcards regularly to reach your audience and they can be of different sizes so long as they are simple and attractive. Simplicity is affordable.

How to set up a direct mailing piece

Develop the targeted audience list
Identify the prospect customers and list them to recognize whom you are direct mailing. Having the list, you have to choose the right medium depending on the quantities. A large-sized list requires a lot of work compared to a small-sized list.

Develop a professionally designed mailing piece
For your content to highly sell, you have to create a piece of relevant and valuable information for it to be outstanding. Conveying a powerful message to your customers serves as the key thing to successful marketing. If you cannot produce such, get a professional to do it for it to be worthwhile.

Give the audience value of your product
You have to make your product desirable to your customers by adding value to it to make them want to buy the product. Also, making the offer time-limited will make them buy the product now rather than later.

Use the best medium to convey your message
Depending on your product content, always choose the best medium as the results will be worth it. Moreover, your audience responds differently to different direct mail materials. All in all, always use a versatile and durable quality mailing material.

Test the marketing campaign
Your audience should be the first to sample your product before proceeding to a broader level. Their feedback should give you a way on how to approach the marketing campaign effectively.

Follow up
Ensure you keep checking on how the performance is doing. Keep track of potential responses as you will be aware of how many responses to expect in a while the mail potential customers.

Analyze the results and responses
This is the most important part of the campaign as you get your results and it represents what your future holds. You can now compare the results and see if they matched with what you had expected. Work on the responses and target the prospects whom you can focus on with your future holdings.

Dos of a direct mail

•Direct mail should have a defined target audience to save time and money by focusing on motivated customers ready to respond to your offers.
•It should have clear information such as timelines and directives for recipients to respond.
•A tested approach highly supports your campaign as you will be strengthening and focusing on potentials.

Don’ts of a direct mail

•Carrying out a campaign without a goal.
•Manual packaging of products with the use of a sending product.
•Forgetting to keep track of your package deliveries.
•Forgetting to follow up on your marketing campaigns.

Final thoughts

Direct mail marketing campaigns will highly improve your marketing strategy and increase sales if you focus on achieving your goals by using the right approach.


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